Clubs & Programs

We offer a number of programs that provide students opportunities to be involved in the school, develop positive interests and prepare to succeed in higher education.

College for Every Student (CFES)

This program is a global leader in helping students become college and career ready. This program focuses on mentoring, leadership through service, and pathways to college and career. We have incorporated our community garden as part of this program as well. CFES is available for grades Kindergarten through 8th.

Contact: Mercedes Harrison

South Dakota Gear-UP

This pre-college enrichment program is for 7th and 8th grade students who desire to enroll and succeed in higher education. South Dakota Gear-UP services are provided throughout the year.


Student Council

Student government is an integral part of education. Its purpose is to build responsible leaders within our school community and promote the values that represent good character in all students.

Contact: Rebekah Marshall

21st Century Community Learning Center

This program supports academic enrichment opportunities to help students meet state and local student standards in core academic subjects, including math and science. Students in the program can also participate in the community garden.


Culture Club, Dance and Drumming

These organizations promote unity and awareness through the Arts. They are available to students to reinforce our Lakota curriculum.

Contact: Tabor White Buffalo

Gifted and Talented

This after school program is designed to give students a place where it’s cool to be smart, where they have a chance to work together, build social skills, spend time in nature and experience cultural events.

Contact: Rebekah Marshall

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