School Board

The Rock Creek Grant School board is composed of four visionary, dedicated members who work diligently to provide an environment where students can thrive and succeed. Their primary focus is making sure students make yearly progress academically, and in terms of overall development. Our board members are from the Bullhead community and many of them attended our school system when they were young.


Board Members

Chairperson - Larry Brown Jr.

Vice Chairperson - Janet Harrison

Member - Melinda SpottedHorse

Member - Caroline Thompson

Principal - Andrew DeCoteau

Member - Shanyce BirdHorse


Our administration is built on a solid foundation of policies and procedures. We are diligent with their implementation to best serve our school and community, enable our mission and be sure the school runs smoothly. Follow the link to review our by-laws.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

14/04/2021 - Minutes

14/04/2021 - Agenda / Minutes

02/12/2014 - Agenda

02/12/2014 - Agenda